Foot Stools

Baa Stool is a luxury sheepskin hardwood footstool with a removable cover lovingly created in beautiful North Wales by a traditionally trained upholsterer.
The Baa Stool is a quality, unique and contemporary piece of furniture that compliments modern and period interiors equally. Gorgeously soft, it's impossible not to dip your toes in!
The fleeces are British and come in natural shades of ivory, dark brown or mottled shades of cream and brown. The covers are sewn to create a sleeve that fits snugly but is removable for easy cleaning.
Sheepskin is the perfect choice of cover for a footstool. Wool resists spills, dries very quickly and is mildew resistant. It is naturally fire retardant, resists static, dirt and dust, is hypo-allergenic, renewable and sustainable.

Each item is handmade to order.