Foot Stools

One of our most popular pieces of furniture is the humble footstool!
There is such an array of styles and sizes to choose from there is, without doubt, something for every room and taste available.
Our range is ever-changing as we introduce into our stock on a regular basis vintage and antique item which we restore and reupholster.
Newly-made items we choose with care as we want our customers to experience not just the product but the story behind it. Handcrafted and sustainable are our go-to shopping list. 
We are very excited by this brand, Baa Stool, it is a luxury sheepskin hardwood footstool with a removable cover lovingly created in beautiful North Wales by a traditionally trained upholsterer.
The Baa Stool is a quality, unique and contemporary piece of furniture that compliments modern and period interiors equally. 
The fleeces are British and come in natural shades of ivory, dark brown or mottled shades of cream and brown. The covers are sewn to create a sleeve that fits snugly but is removable for easy cleaning.  Each Baa Stool is made to order.
Our stock is ever-changing as we source the items we very often have to restore or recover, but our customers enjoy the story behind each piece.
With so many skilled handmade items available and a huge amount of furniture already in existence worth saving and renewing this section is worth a visit on a regular basis to see what treasures we have found, or new items we have added.