About Us


We are a husband and wife team, Lorri & David (that's me, Lorri, Mr Middlemarch is a little camera shy!). Our business is based in the lovely Hertfordshire countryside of Bramfield, with our barn workshop in Tonwell close to Hertford. 

We represent the benefits of a small independent business setting the bench mark for quality with the help of our small team of experts and professional workroom to produce a personalised service and quality product.  We are both makers ourselves and retain a hands on approach to make sure our finished product meets the criteria our customers have requested.

Our business has been carefully thought about and without doubt has undergone some significant changes over the last year.  It is our intention we remain a small independent service offering the same advice and support that we would  for one window or a whole house project.  Our supplier choice has been selected on customer service, product offering, quality and whenever possible bespoke and hand made.

It is our belief that we can bring to the table some unique elements that our customers can enjoy that possibly is difficult to achieve within much larger organisations.  We make no apology for not wanting mass produced goods on our shop or long waiting lists of commissions from our customers and we will continue to work with and support local crafts people and UK based ethically sound businesses to provide our customers with that little something extra.

It would be very rude of me to end this piece without introducing our official chair tester Toby, out West Highland Terrier who these days sleeps more than he quality controls!

Welcome to our business and I hope we can be of service.



Toby - Official Chair Tester