Our Guide For Upholstery

There is a couple of important factors to consider when deciding on an upholstery project, how important is the piece you would like to update and is the item a quality piece that would warrant the cost of upholstery. 

During our upholstery process we will rebuild from the inside out, with the fabric being the icing on the cake so to speak, we do not just replace the fabric.

You may decide that an upholstery service is a step too far for your piece of furniture in which case our made to measure fitted loose cover service may be a cost effective answer.

We offer a selection of fabrics and no obligation quotes including advice on the types of fabric available, you can of course use your own fabric if it is suitable for the project.

We are ardent supporters of reusing furniture especially when you consider how many discarded items are sent to landfill in the UK.

The UK has a landfill crisis, with sofas sitting at the top spot, taking up 15.1 million cu m of space in landfill each year which is the equivalent of filling Wembley Stadium four times.


            STYLE                                     PRICING GUIDE                           FABRIC 
            Two seater sofa                    Price from - £450.00                     13-16 m
             Chaise Lounge                   Price from - £400.00                       10-12
             3 seater sofa                       Price from - £550.00                       16-22 m
            Chesterfield                          Price from - £900.00                      20 m
            Camelback sofa                   Price from - £380.00                      12 -14
            Wingback chair                    Price from - £350.00                      5-8 m
           Louis chair                             Price from - £400.00                      5-8
           Dining chair                            Price from - £40.00                       1-1.5 m
          Skirted chair                           Price from - £85.00                        4 - 5 m